Friday, February 06, 2009

21 random facts

1. i love rock climbing
2. i want to return to acting at some point in the future
3. i hate having my stomach touched
4. i love going to sleep to the sound of water running or the dryer turning
5. i try not to swear and i notice it immediately when others do not use foul language regularly
6. i am completely unable to hold a grudge against anyone for longer than a day or two. believe me, i`ve tried, it just doesn`t work
7. i enjoy shopping alone cuz i like trying on crazy outfits that i would never buy and i don`t have to feel self-conscious in front of someone i know
8. i still seriously consider joinging the armed forces someday
9. i can speak rudimentary spanish and a smidgen of french
10. i don`t listen to specific genres of music, i simply find stuff i enjoy listening to. i will never put down a band simply because of a label they have
11. i have more guy friends than i do girl friends
12. i want to adopt children not have biological ones
13. i have never been in love
14. i hate those silly little preteen kids that practically live at the mall because they have nothing better to do
15. i hardly ever wear skirts but i like them
16. i have never been assualted by a disgruntled pipe cleaner
17. i used to have two foster sisters and they have since been adopted by a loving couple
18. i have lived in 9 different houses, gone to 9 different schools and attended 7 different churches.
19. i am Danish and Scottish in descent
20. my grandparents are nudists. (honest to god, I could not possibly make this up, I've been to a nudist colony with them)
21. i want to die in some extravagant "oh my gosh thats morbid but so cool!" kinda way

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