Tuesday, February 10, 2009

reading... which is so out of character for me ;)

So I've been reading Fifteen Days by Christie Blatchford. Its about the soldiers in Afghanistan in 2006. Its crazy man... if I ever had any doubts as to why we're in Afghanistan and what we're fighting: its been completely cleared up. The soldiers have nothing against the regular citizens of Afghanistan, they're there to fight the Taliban. But when they help out the villagers and then the next night they get attacked by the Taliban that the villagers obviously know are there; they get kinda frustrated lol.

Its not a feel good-warm-fuzzies kind of book by any means. Its honest and blunt and real though. You feel like you are there and it gives me a whole new passion for ripping anti-middle-eastern-conflict people a new one when they start not supporting the troops.

So anyways, don`t start a troops arguement with me anytime soon :p


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