Monday, February 23, 2009


Thats terrible... Even my rudimentary knoiwledge of the area/events points directly towards Taliban propaganda. The carcasses of those boys were paraded through the city just to rouse the people into getting angry at the Canadians. That is terrible...

A DISEASE?!?!?! How would you enjoy having your race called a disease??? My guess is you'd raise all hell in court and get someone jailed over aboriginal slurs. Honestly... grow up. As for the prosecution? I think there's a lot of people out these being brutally murdered or wronged who need court time, not some ignorant jerk flinging around racist epithets (not technically the right word but it was just too good an opportunity to pass up...).

Lol guess people are gettin started on their "credit card diets".

Omg already, you are part of this country cuz Britian beat France get over it. Stop making a fuss, the Plains of Abraham was a decisive battle in Canadian history, it should be owned by the government. Its bad enough you had to go and cancel the reenactment cuz the politicians are still sore losers. Just give it a rest...

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