Monday, February 16, 2009

AWESOME family day :):):):):)

So it started with baking lol. almost 50 friggin cupcakes for the party we had... man thats a lot of cupcakes. But they tasted good!

Then we went skating back in ma hood :p I used to live down in that area of town so I saw some old friends (holy delayed information batman... yeesh), saw my old house being reno-ed *tear*, and uh yeah... fell on my butt a coupla times ;) I'm the most graceful person i know.

Then Dad and I got milkshakes! From the bestest milkshake place EVER. And drove home listening to old newfie songs put to rock music... *shakes head* it sounds a lot weirder than it is lol.

Aaaaand then I had a whole wack of people over, family friends, church friends, youth friends, random friends lol. It was a lot of fun, my mom (cuz she rocks) cleaned the house and made a ton of food and yeah. it was great. And we played the Game of Life where J ended up with 5 kids (go figure eh?) and M married a man... (M is a man just for those outside the loop :P). And then Apples to Apples. Which was fun, not truly extraordinary but fun lol.

Anywho, my family day rocked! Better than yours did i bet :p haha.

Night all!

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