Saturday, July 05, 2008

blech its hot out

*looks at previous post* lol wow spaz much? Oh well, no it wasn't you. Well it was I guess, but it isn't your fault lol, I was just tired I guess.

So this is boring... Just chillin with the grandparents cuz mom and dad are Mexico-ing it up. Psh they suck... But I got my electronics cords lol so now I can charge everything again, thank goodness.

So yeah, trying to figure out when to go to Stampede, I wanna go Wednesday or Thursday cuz I don't work those days. Just can't figure out who to go with... This is such a pain too cuz everyone's going, they just don't have stupid schedules like me. and like half my friends are going to this camp thing this week which blows cuz it'll be so boring back here... Oh well. I'll ttyl!

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