Monday, July 21, 2008

tidbit of restaurant know-stuff

For those of you who've ever asked yourself if the waiter/hostess will secretly hate you if you ask to switch tables for no discernably good reason: the answer is YES. Reason? Because aproximately 29 other tables have already asked to be moved for no particular good reason that day and they are tired of dealing with your pickiness. We will be understanding if there is a squalling child/loud party nearby or there's a strong draft and you're cold. But "i don't like the middle and the other one is too cramped" really start to piss us off especially if its all coming from the same customer. We put you at that table for a reason, we have to stagger them so none of the waiters are too busy or too empty. Just stay there for crying out loud!!! You're only there for an hour tops in most cases, suck it up and just be SOL.

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