Tuesday, July 01, 2008

well that was weird

I don't make fun of you, I tease you. And never in a mean spirited way.

Wooot saw Wanted again yesterday lol, it is still a good movie. And J is home, what's weird is; I don't think we're gonna be that close now. We've been apart for too long and I kind of changed a lot and she didn't. It's weird... We'll still hang out, I just don't think we'll be super besties again. omg did I just use besties? I should disown myself....

Anywho, I get stat pay today! WOOT. Lol we were so freaking understaffed yesterday it was insane, I walked in at 5 and its not like retardedly busy; its just brisk. But I go to the back and see 3 waiters running around frantically (actually C wasn't running, he thinks he broke his toe) and no bartender and no bussers. It was CRAZY. Thankfully K and A showed up so we had another waitress and a bartender and eventually A showed up so we had a busser. Unexpectedly though, the owner came in to host, so I got my first bussing shift! Everyone was so helpful though, J and G both helped me and A set tables and bring out oil and vinegar so it was good.

Wow... that was a lot about work that none of you care about... lol oh well. Ttyl!


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