Friday, July 11, 2008


I feel so tired and I have a tummy ache. :( i's lonely. And sleepy. And J got fired so that blows. But mom and dad are coming home tomorrow. With presents! Lol excitingness.

So yeah, Stampede was fun, J (girl J this time) and I got food (no mini donuts tho :( sad) and then went on rides (♥the swings). and went thru the German house (woot!!!) and went thru the Rockstar house (slightly less that woot) and a then some more rides. I wasn't feeling too chipper after one of them so I watched J go on a few (and found her cute guys to go on them with) and we got food.
Then we saw one of the games dudes all wrapped up in a blanket but he still wasn't very cold so we gave him a hug and talked to him and his friend a bit. Good times
Zomg, kudos to Neill the carousel dude for putting up with us twice, that was so much fun lol.

Anywho, Mom and Dad are coming home today!!! (yes it took me two days to write this post...) Except that means I get to go clean house so they don't come back to absolute scariness which is what it looks like now lolz.

Cheerio folks!

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