Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hephalumps and woozles

omg, I had that as the title of a saved draft like way before but now it seems so much more appropriate rofl.
Man, there have been way too many inside jokes going on this past week or so from suffaluffagus to the virgin moose... oh dear...
So last night was pretty fun, I rented Hellboy and lemme tell you that was the stupidest, most difficult to rent movie I've ever seen, EVER. Then we watched it, it was fun. There was some creepy stuff in there but it was funny. Can't wait to see the Golden Army, this weekend or next weekend sometime. And I'm going camping with the reli's tomorrow! For two sleeps! Should be fabulous!!! Lol anyways, I gotta get to summer school.

Talk to y'all later!

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