Wednesday, July 02, 2008

keys n calcs n stupid phrases

Why wouldn't I say that? Seriously...
and that was NOT making fun. It was good natured teasing. :p

omg I love my new keyboard, izzo pretty. Unfortunately my fingers still aren't really used to it so I can't quite type without looking at all like I used to.

So yeah, had my first day of summer school today, it was okay. I don't really know anyone up in the NE cuz I'm never there but I'm sitting next to S, a really nice girl from a close by town so that's cool. Wow, major blonde moments this morning; I forgot to put new batteries in my calculator so I had to borrow the teacher's and it turns out the cute pencils I bought just looked a lot like pencils and are actually pens :p whoops! But it was cool, it's not too hard yet but I have a whole shwack of homework which I should technically be doing right now. I'm gonna go do that lol talk to y'all later!


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