Friday, September 12, 2008

dis be silly

Ugh! Why do I care so much?! What did I do?! Where did I go wrong?! Who do you think you are?! When is this stupidity going to end?! (dude i got all 5 W's in! Thats talent right there)

I am dead serious. What gives you the right to treat people like that? Its ridiculous. I. Hate. It. I hate myself for putting up with it. I hate that I'm so insecure that I won't just say "screw you, come back when you know how to treat another human being" because I'm worried that you won't come back. What did I do to push you away? Why are you pushing me away now? I don't understand... and the sad part is. You'll probly know this is about you if you read it. And you either won't care or will be mildly disturbed at how deeply I feel about this.

No, I'm not getting overly attached; for the other people who will read this. In fact, I think I've been okay and not getting freakishly attached... rejection stings though.

Anyways, gots to go. Love you all!

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