Thursday, September 04, 2008

grad rings

They're so pretty, and freaking expensive too lol.
But i'm really liking some of them, I'm actually quite excited.

So yeah, thinking about the future (dun dun duuuuunnnnnn) which is always fun. Procrastinating a little but I already know where i want to apply and what I want to apply for. I just gotta figure out if uni right after (or at least a year after) grad is the option I want. Its difficult...

So yeah.. I'm seeing the guy i like at school everyday again. which is cool. and stupid. and annoying... I love being young and silly. its awesome.

Got into a fight with a good friend the other day. That kind of sucked... There's a lot going through my mind right now... but i can't really write about it cuz other people read this lol.

It feels like there's something missing with the grad class gone... They were just awesome at everything and it feels like really big shoes to try and fill...

So I'm bored... really bored. i finished the book i was reading today... Which sucks cuz now I have nothing to read.

I'm excited for the election to be called, i want to volunteer for a running MP so i can see what a real campaign is like. That'd be awesome.

People will really surprise you if you pay attention. Its interesting...

Anywho, I'll stop boring you guys. TTYL!

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