Saturday, September 27, 2008


So I guess I've realized that even though things aren't really going the way I'd hoped they would; I've just got to get over it. I need to focus on God, finishing senior year, getting my license, prepping for Costa Rica and a good job before uni. Pretty much in that order too.
I'm not letting myself get distracted by silly things that are out of my control like whether or not you even care anymore or why you won't talk to me. I can't let myself get caught up in that game again, I had the time on my hands before but I really don't right now.
Yes. Some things you do actually succeed. You wanted to go to school: you're there. You wanted to learn about the stuff you like doing: this is it. You wanted to succeed at school: you feel like you're faking it but its working. Everybody fakes it, if they're not faking they're arrogant and they're going to fail. You want a girl: she's going to come. God will bring her. You wanted to be closer to God: you're doing it, you're ridding yourself of distractions. I can't tell you anymore than that, I'm proud of you but obviously I can't really be a part of your life right now. That's okay. I need to focus on other stuff too.

I'm getting really excited for University, I think I want to go to Ottawa. Its just what I feel right now, so goodness knows that'll change again. But I think I want to go. U of Ottawa more specifically. I'll go to Carleton if they'll have me but I've fallen in love with UofO...

Woot, just finished watching Vantage Point; awesome movie! It was really cool, kind of like Macbeth in that nearly everyone dies but some of the good guys don't lol! Anywho, gotta go to bed. Night all!

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