Thursday, September 11, 2008

imagining a future with whirled peas

So i've been thinking a lot lately (again, never a good sign) and I've realized that... while there are a few people that I do trust, i don't really have a bona fide venterator*. i have people that would like it if I told them all that stuff but I don't necessarily want to and I have people that I want to tell but who could care less. And yes, this is in fact a pity party table for one but this is my blog so if you don't like it: go away :p

lol anyways, I'm meeting with the uber-cool, super-conservative, very good to know if I'm planning to do anything with politics guy on thursday next week which is very anticipatory-feelings-inducing.

So my aunt told me about this blog and I actually really like it. She reminds me of me (minus the witty repartee cuz I'm not so good at that typing) in that she actually types out all the weird, conglomerated, wacked out stuff going through her head despite the fact that it takes several random twists and turns and flat out snooty-whippers and it comes out pretty funny. To me at least, but i have a pretty freaky sense of humour (gee thanks mom and dad :P)
Whereas I usually just take the scenic route of my thoughts, you know; sans potholes and u-turns and other not-so-pleasant driving experiences. Rather than subject my few and faithful readers to the true gore that is the inner workings of my head.

Lol that was waaaaaay longer than I originally out for it to be but hey, once you get a good thought, or at least one that might possibly be worth pursuing you just gotta go with it.


*person that i can comfortably vent to with minimal "um okay..." moments where I feel terrible that I dared to mention my personal life hoping that this person might care*

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