Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yikes! I've had such a busy weekend! And this is going to be a super busy week! And the busyness isn't going to go away until after exams! *runs around like a chicken with its head cut off*

Phew okay. Insanity moment done lol

SO this weekend was fun, we got a freaking BLIZZARD! Love Canada... But anywho, i went babysitting which was fun! 5 kids and me lol, but I enjoyed myself and was paid really well too :D
Then I went to the youth sleepover which was awesome! Me + 3 fell asleep in the hallway with a couple sleeping bags (we had to share cuz there wasn't enough lol) while watching Never Back Down. Unfortunately the laptop battery ran out so we only watched the first half lol.
Plus we only got about 45 minutes of sleep... that was awesome :)
Then I went babysitting again on Saturday (fun!) and they have the most adorable baby ever. Seriously this kid is so friendly! She's very physically affectionate, always wanted to be held to to be touching me or her brothers. It was interesting.

And a Costa Rica meeting today, I'M GETTING SO EXCITED!!!

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