Tuesday, December 23, 2008

quick note

So I know both of you, not that well but I can list vital stats and random facts/quotes.

but listening to what you're saying, It reminds me of me!
I was there! haha, a little while ago those were my emotions and worries.
Unfortunately they never really went away lol. I still feel them from time to time but in essence I've moved on because I realized it would take awhile for us to work together so its easier to go our separate ways and if we're meant to be together, God will bring us back together.

but i know how it feels to think you're not good enough to be the only girl. you get mad and make your mind up not to let him in anymore because it hurts too much. And then he shows up, he cares and he wants to be with you and talk to you and you forget about everything else... its a vicious circle lol.
Don't get me wrong! He is a great guy, we have our arguments and I call him names and he calls me impossible and we pretty much hate each other for awhile but he's still one of my favourite people to talk to and he knows how to be a gentleman sometimes. But I have no advice for either of you. Why? Because I never got my fairy tale ending. we never did make it work. Maybe it'll happen someday but there's always been someone else in the way for one of us when the other is ready.
Man, I wish he talked about me the way he talks about you though. He writes these long drawn out descriptions and he loves talking about you. Usually when he talks about me, he says he prefers me to the really annoying girls out there because he trusts me and he knows I'm annoying but I still love him. but you? He talks about you like you're the only girl he's ever thought about. I can hear the emotion and feeling behind it. and I'm not gonna lie, it makes me jealous. But I know my time will come with him or with someone else who is the one.
So trust me, if he isn't the one, there's someone out there who is, and you will be the only girl for him and he will love you until doomsday. He is not the only boy out there, there's lots lol. He's addicting (I know :P) and hard to get over, but if he's not the one, you'll be able to move on eventually.


p.s. the funny part is i don't think either girl will read this. but thats okay. I just figured life's too short not to say what you mean.

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