Wednesday, December 10, 2008

plague, pestilence and locusts

I am so sick right now its embarrassing, I think I'm leaking cerebrospinal fluid right now thats how runny my nose is its ridiculous.

I watched Wanted, such a good movie! Gory and way too much profanity but cool concept and very pretty guns.

So yeah, this is a totally stellar time to miss school because exams are coming up at the end of the break, I'm missing important lessons, I have the Christmas concert tomorrow for school, the dance show is next week, I have done almost no Christmas shopping and Costa Rica is coming soon lol.
Oh well, I can handle it *smile* I'm awesome!!!

Iggy's the Liberal leader now... Well thats cool, at least he speaks English. Thats a step up from Dion. Although I was rather enjoying the ineffectual Liberal leadership, gave me something to giggle at when I read the news.

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