Tuesday, December 23, 2008

holy emotional involvement batman!

Well I knew I was missing pieces but this is looking like the whole damn puzzle LOL
sure sad I missed all those dramatic moments (not).
I don't envy you or any of the other people you were talking about I really don't, you got WAY too much going on in that arena.
Lemme just say that I'm glad I threw my hat into the ring and then took it out what? Like almost 3 years ago? Now its in limbo lol
Anywho, good luck with all of them. I'll just be watching from the sidelines. If you ever get so frustrated you need to scream; call me. You usually feel better when you can just yell and you know someone is listening but not judging.
well I need sleep cuz it took awhile to find that and I'm tired now lol

P.S. My stuff is cleared up, I explained it all. So you should take it off so the others don't have as much to worry about lol

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