Sunday, January 07, 2007

Khan isn't ambidextrous

He's just... Khan. Long story... long, Wajid Khan is an immigrant from Pakistan, he was a pilot dude in the pakistani army and he moved to Canada in the 70's when he started his own used car dealership which has grown to become a chain of car dealerships. He got into politics and was elected as a liberal MP. Khan, being from Pakistan and absolutely brilliant, was approached by Harper and asked for his input in helping Harper better understand how to deal with the middle east. There was no pay or anything like that just a sense of duty Khan felt to better Canada. At that time the Opposition Leader was interim leader Bill Graham (who you may recall is a twinkie at politics) who could care less about the arrangement. Then the liberal leader election comes up and *gasp* now Dion's in "power" per say. Well Dion has some issues with HIS backbencher giving props to Harper, so he goes to Khan and says "Hey, choose. Liberal party with no chats with Harper or wherever else you want to go having whatever chats you want with whomever you want." Khan chose to walk the floor, he is now a Conservative backbencher and advice dude for Harper. Yeah, that's the way it played, I like him.


*Impact & Weaver - all my life* good song y'all

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