Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Of my foster sisters, we had them for a year before they were adopted... that was good but I miss them sometimes. I looked through their photo box this morning... so many memories, some bad, some good. I love those girls, they are so beautiful, I have their Christmas picture in my wallet. Along w/my parent's pics and one of me that I need to give to my friend *makes mental note*. I need more wallet photos... friends, reli's, more friends... Goodness knows I have enough friends and relatives. I have a pretty sizable family, mostly on my mom's side though, its cool. Lots of people to talk to at the family reunions... Well, I have to go shopping for snowpants and then ENGAGE BABY WOOHOO!!!! Talk to y'all later.


*Scorpion - Infected Mushroom*

P.S. Yeah it is actually Engage not Engaged for those of us who can't spell. :P

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IceMack said...

Some old memories last night for sure. Mark my words though...

In about fifteen minutes you'll be going to their highschool graduation.