Tuesday, January 09, 2007


That last post was kinda random... Anyways, not too much new stuffs, nothin new on the tanker/nukey sub collision, apparently some RCMP dude was taking WAAAAAY too many flights on the RCMP planes and people didn't like that so they fired him-ahem "forced him to resign". Either way he's out, oh snap that guy was one of the dudes doing the Maher Arar thing. Sucker... Ummm Mackay is in Pakistan, that'd be fun. Layton's being a twinkie, something about the Kyoto agreement which I am reading about, sounds like a lot of eviromentalist stupidity so far but I have yet to talk to my dad about it... NDP is being very green lately and I don't get it, maybe they're trying to appeal to a younger demographic... you know the ones who don't have the nightmares with moderates chasing after them with really big sticks. Well, ttyl


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