Wednesday, January 07, 2009

*2nd update* and other random stuffs

Como dias wife's pastor?
So T wanted to say "how is your day?" and he came up with como dias which actually means "how days" and later that day a lady got on our bus and when we asked who she was A said she was the "wife's pastor". So "Como dias wife's pastor" became somewhat of an inside joke lol

Dude! Our bathrooms FILL with ants and other freaky insects at night so its like 1 am and I'm going to the bathroom and I go into the first one and get totally freaked out by all the ants and go into the second one and there's even more ants and one of them friggin BITES ME!!! So apparently the sound I let out cuz it bloody hurt sounded like a scream so Ray and mom come running and I'm like "chill out guys its just an ant bite" so I had to get a band-aid on my toe and mom's all "there's poisonous ants here so if it hurts or swells up you have to tell me!" and meanwhile I just don't use those bathrooms anymore at night lol... I still have the scab from the bite, its rather epic

So mine and daddy's fav movie right now is The Breakfast Club cuz its flipping hilarious and our fav line so far from it is "my home life is unsatisfying". It doesn't sound very funny but you just have to hear it said. Its definitely a classic movie...

I am workin the tan, everybody says I have a "summer glow" (Talia's words not mine lol) and
I gave G his key chain and he's actually using it now so that makes me happy :) and yeah. Its good times.

I have to go study for my french final now :( wish me luck!

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