Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Whoops sorry... channelling cult like tendencies... I'm freakin myself out!!!

So yeah... good movie. Vaguely disturbing *shudders* for reasons I can't even name without gagging. It was a lot of fun though, we totally annoyed everyone in the theatre cuz J and I were laughing so hard at the WAY wrong moments and M and I have decided to dress up for HP and the Half-Blood Prince!!!! WOOT. Its exciting...

Hey I'm sorry you couldn't come, aww shucks man I love you too! *gets choked up* lol couldn't resist ;p Maybe you'll make it next time.

And I've learned NEVER to go to a Denny's again... though if I'm forced to I will. I just won't order a milkshake... Omg I need new friends, these ones freak me out.

Well its late and I need sleep. Talk to y'all later!


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