Friday, January 16, 2009

more virgins recieve the bad news

I almost died laughing when I read that.

Woot, went to diploma prep and bowling tonight. It was fun, lots of jerks there though, one from our group, another one just worked there. Whatevs, people will be stupid, its like a right lol.

I read something like that in my biology class where this guy was mining and there was an explosion and a piston blew clear through his head but he was up and talking and stuff right afterwards. Had some serious brain damage after though lol...

Are you guys seriously mentally deficient or something?!?! I DO NOT LIKE HIM
(ugh I hate how "high school" that sounded but people are so flipping immature...)

Anywho, I'm seriously considering not going to my grad banquet and instead going to YC and chilling with my friends that weekend because honestly, I have no desire to go to the banquet at all. I just don't. I'll walk the stage and all that but the social stuff I'm just not that into... I'm worried that I'll regret it though. I'm not sure anymore.

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