Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Just Can't Keep From Falling...

Well I apologized. I don't think you care but I did my part. I guess I just wait it out...

GOING TO CALIFORNIA IN 16 HOURS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zomg I'm so excited lol. *happy dance*

Did I tell you guys how flipping excited I am to be done exams? I probly did but just in case, I AM SO HAPPY TO BE DONE EXAMS!!! No more studying, no more worrying (except about my marks :/)

I'm going to miss you... it sounds lame but I will. While I'm gone and after, cuz I don't think it'll change while I'm gone lol.

So I've been thinking about tattoos again lately lol, and I found this pic
I LOVE this but its completely impractical. Expecially cuz thats a bad place to be getting dye injected lol. But also because I wouldn't be able to see it/enjoy it. So I'm thinking of getting one here
but probly not a butterfly.
I found this one too, completely impractical but very shmexy
isn't it awesome?



<< Ŧ¡mºŧйγ РЄ®§ªÐ. >> said...

First one is fake

zhen said...

I know.
Doesn't make it any less cool though