Tuesday, January 06, 2009

*update* (or rather stuff i forgot to put in the first post)

So on like our 2nd last night there 15 of us went to play soccer with some people from the church in this weird synthetic field thingy. It was SOOO much fun! Cept my team kept winning so I played for all of like 2 really short games and that was for two hours straight. I was actually dripping sweat it was disgusting :p
But Antony came and that was cool and he gave me chocolate :D which is always nice.

And Claudia (one of the cooks) gave me her cross so I would remember her when I came back to Canada.

And I gave Pablo my funky aviator sunglasses because he really liked them and I figured he'd get more use out of them there than I would here in freaking ICE CITY. So I gave them to him the morning we left and we all said our goodbyes at the airport and then once we get in Jony is wandering around asking who's sunglasses they are. And I'm like "darn it Pablo!" so I grab 'em and Jony and I book it outside where everyone is in the bus and Pablo is the last one getting on so I holler at him and give him the glasses and he's all "thanks girl!" and he was so surprised cuz I don't think he knew they were gone. And he gave me another hug and Jony and I booked it back inside to the line up lol cuz it would suck if we had to go thru friggin US customs alone.

I bought souvenirs! Presents for my friends cuz I love them and a bracelet and two pairs of earrings and a little carved frog that I named Diego the 4th. Why the 4th you ask? Well Diego our driver has a son named Diego jr and Diego the 1st made Daisy a balloon camel that we named Diego the 3rd so my frog is Diego the 4th lol.

I went horseback riding while we were there! Big Maestro (the pastor is Little Maestro :p) brought two of his horses and his son (who is like 10) to our camp! A couple of us took turns riding the horses and I actually got mine to gallop a few times! It was SOOOO cool.
Big and Little Maestro both brought their wives and kids (little Maestro brought Antony) to play soccer with us and let me tell you, those 6 and 7 year olds were fast little buggers. I did manage to score a goal but it was painful and I was trying not to trip over them lol. Course they've grown up playing since like ever so they've had a bit more practice than me.

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