Saturday, January 31, 2009

House of Mouse and Macy's and Dreams and Fireworks GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I'm in Los Angeles right now!!!! Its warm :) much warmer than Canada right now lol.
We've gone to Disneyland which is FLIPPING AWESOME. There's rides and crazy mascot dudes runnin around signing autographs and posing for pics (believe it or not, they're not just at Disneyland :p).
HEY! You know that friggin awesome castle that they show in all the disney movie commercials and stuff? ITS SMALL!!! Dude I know, I was very disappointed. It's like half the size it looks. But there's all these lands, there's tomorrowland and adventureland and frontierland and new orlean's and fantasyland and toontown (where mickey and minnie live :O)

Today we went shopping which was pretty fun, I bought a pair of honest to goodness Apple Bottom Jeans lol, like the ones in that Flo Rida song. They're pretty shmexy. And I hit Abercrombie and Fitch and Forever 21 for earrings and these awesome purple sunglasses. It was an eventful day.

We went there too! Its called the Crystal Cathedral. It was built by Rev. Robert H. Schuller. There's quite an extensive history of it, a good portion of which our tour guide dude named Ed told us and he's like this wecked awesome storyteller (seriously, he should be a narrator for something) so it was all super interesting.

I had a really bad dream the other night. It was right after I got back from LA and I was at this party with T and S and Stef and some other people but I don't remember them. And T was in this other room and S went into that room and came out and said that T had overdosed and died. And then it kinda changed scenes to me talking to my dad about how T died and I was crying and then I woke up actually crying. It was crazy, I don't think I've woken up crying from a dream since I was like 4... It freaked me out cuz I woke up and couldn't figure out if it actually happened or not.

So yeah, we're gonna spend tomorrow at Disneyland again for like 4 or 5 rides that we still really wanna take and there's some souvenir stuffs we want to get too.

Dude, we bought these New Orleans parasols for me and my lil sis and my grandmother and my great-grandmother (gigi). Its cool though cuz my gigi got one like 18 years ago when they came last time but it got damaged so we got her one and its like transcended 4 generations. Well I think its cool :p

So yeah... I miss my friends. I love going to theme park type places (although, where we're from in Canada we have LAME ASS theme parks) with them. I hope I'm able to go to a really good theme park sometime just with a huge group of friends. Its been a ton of fun w/my family though. We've got all our wacky inside jokes and cartoons we watched when I was younger and whatnot so its pretty awesome.

I bought a bikini. Its been YEARS since I wore one of those, and trying them on is nothing short of torture. Any person with reasonably sufficient self-esteem would be a blubbering mess if they managed to find any particularly bad fitting swim suits. But I found a nice blue one that actually looks kinda nice so I'm gonna keep it. Maybe try it out at the leisure centre :p

Well, I'm watching Die Hard (yippie kaiyay mo-fo!) and I wanna go to bed pretty quick.


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