Sunday, January 11, 2009

What was supposed to be a movie...

turned out to be rather different lol

So originally me +4 guy friends (I know sad isn't it? I do have girl friends I promise!) were going to see a movie then I totally changed the theatre cuz Dad didn't want to drive to the far one so they all bend over backwards to accommodate me and then it turns out we can't even see the same movie cuz it started earlier. LAME.

So we went to play pool instead lol and I embarrassed myself cuz I suck at pool lol and then we chilled at BPs for awhile :) which is always fun.
WOOT I got to see my friends at the restaurant too! The one I used to work at, and my fav coworker was there so I got like 3 hugs from him which was nice.
Then T drives me home and just as we pull into the driveway I realise I left my purse at the restaurant... *shakes head* I'm such an idiot. So T drives me back there to grab it because he's aweomse <3 and then I get home like 20 minutes before curfew *score!*

So yeah... that was my rather tame evening... bet it was more fun that yours!


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