Saturday, January 10, 2009

California, youth events, exams, grad pics and the middle east

I'm going to California in 3 weeks! WOOT, I'm so excited! I'll be able to refresh my tan ;) and shop and go shopping and chill w/my family.

Youth last night was fun, I didn't even get home until 12:30 lol and we
watched Knocked Up (which was probly not the best youth group movie option) and ate food and fell asleep on the couch. It was good times.

YUCK, I've got exams coming up. I really don't wanna take them either :( I've got a lot riding on these so there's a good chance I may not be posting much in the foreseeable future.

I wanna order my grad pics soon! They make me happy... Its a little weird tho. I've only ever seen my mom and my aunt's grad pics and now I have my own... I'm way too young for this lol...

Okay so Israel and Palestine are bombing each other over Gaza again... this is lame. Haven't they figured it out yet? Israel doesn't die. Its weird and its unfortunate, but its the truth. Tried and tested.

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