Tuesday, November 14, 2006


You know in algebra, when you have troubles with one lesson, leave them alone and go on, chances are you missed something.
Like in... oh say a video game. You get most of the "tokens" or whatever you have to get but not all of them, these tokens unlock certain capabilities or places that you need to progress, well when you don't get those and try to go on, you don't get very far until you go back and find the things you missed. If only life were that simple, you forgot to learn a particular lesson in a particular situation that would've helped you later on in life. Unfortunately we can't just go back to that particular situation and learn that lesson, but life has an advantage to gaming, things happen again, as the saying goes - History repeats itself over and over again. We can experience thing many different times, you can usually only get those tokens in one place on a video game. Well, that's my thought of the day, now for the news...


*looking for angels - skillet*

P.S. I guess that's why we are constantly told carpe diem, because if you just look to the future, you'll miss what's in the present.

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