Wednesday, November 22, 2006

*slaps hand to forehead*


Have we really sunk to the level of being told to have confidence in the lottery??????? No really, that's a legitimate question, here's a thought! Why don't we just oh I don't know ban the lottery... *gasps* That's crazy talk! Noooo, cause if I ever suggested that to... anyone who supports the lottery (is it just me or is that a very wacked sentence?) I would immediately be lectured on goodness knows what. Probably something like "That would be a stab to the economic balloon" or something to that effect.
Here's a thought! Maybe, with all that money people are saving from not buying lottery tickets, they could put towards, savings, college for their kids, the new family car. There's a whole HOST of things they could do with the money! Most of them going right back into the main stream money market, the balloon wouldn't be deflated, there would be a new pump installed. I mean for crying out loud people, why are politians telling us to have faith in the lottery?
Its gambling, that's right, gambling. You know people can get addicted to that? There are some people that will spend their entire life savings on slot machines or poker tables or whatever else people do at casinosm, yup. My mom told me about someone who faked cancer to feed her addiction to gambling, yeah. Think about that for a bit.


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Father Of Wisdom said...

You have a point. there. Take that money and put it to something important. But have you looked on the other side of things. Like a family is poor goes to the lottery and win 15 mill! now what would they do with that money. Lots. But then there are people who are semi rich, and do it anyway just so they can get more money. the fact is that it doesnt really matter, people will do it no matter. Its like watching T.V. theres nothing good on, yet you still sit there and watch it. Its really a waste of time. And you dont really gain anything. Unless its the discov channel. Then you learn about animals and where babies come from. lol. See the world rotates on money. We live on money if we dont have money then... well you screwed. Well not totaly. but it is a part of life. So im just going on and on. so im gonna stop.