Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Presidential debates

I don't have T.V. (any, not one channel) but Mom is crazy about West Wing so we buy the seasons, well she just bought the 7th season and we watched the episode of the debate between Santos and Vinnick and it was really interesting! I'm going to have to go to my grandparent's house when debates come up in Canadian and American elections because they are really cool. And if you understand politics (which I... sort of do) then you can really have a good time. Too bad my friends aren't too interested... oh well. My poppa is smart and understands this stuff so I'll talk to him. Anyway, I like conservatives, even before they got elected, I liked them before that, and my affection was only boosted after this last election when Martin made a complete buffoon out of himself... *smiles* ahhh, good times watching his screwed up interviews. Televised debates are good check them out sometime. Well, I have shakespeare to get back to which seems so dull compared to the running of a country... oh well. I'll talk to y'all later when I find a good news clip!


*A thousand miles - vanessa carlton*

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