Thursday, November 16, 2006


*sighs* And the bad news just keeps rolling in...

It'd be nice if people would celebrate the good instead of reporting the bad. I mean, people are out there saving lives, getting married, having children, resolving issues. But bad news sells, really puts new meaning into the phrase "No news is good news" huh?


*Somethin to believe in - FM static*


IceMack said...

You've gotta dig a little, but evidence of GOOD DEEDS is out there.

God is good and we're fallen, but we still help little old ladies cross the street from time to time... :)

Father Of Wisdom said...

Well icemack is right. But remember things like this happen. Now heres a question. What are you doing right now? Your posting the bad. No? So if you dig and find the good about what is happening in this world/country then post it. But its always good to find/hear both sides. so your right no matter.