Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh come on

Honestly. This law is giving couples the choice, both parents work, or one stays at home to raise the children. Before, if the couples didn't have split income, they could pay more than $5000 in extra taxes, now, Harper is introducing a law that gives couples the choice. Stay home or go to work. Some couples because of their financial situation didn't have that choice because of the extra taxes.
This isn't forcing women to stay at home, this is giving those that want to the choice. Some women will take advantage of it, some won't. So the Liberal Women's Caucus can get over it because *gasps* I know this is a terrifying thought, but some women don't want to work! Crazy I know but for some strange cataclysmic reason, they don't! So stop trying to force women into places they don't want to be and suck it up. This is taking us forward not back 40 years.


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