Monday, November 20, 2006

Quote from Father of Wisdom

Father Of Wisdom said...

Ok... thats is very easy to explain. See when your kids are in trouble you get this kind of power you never had before. Number one: because its your kids. Number two: You would do anything for them, and Number three: you love them with all your heart and you cant let them get hurt. Parents would take a bull for their kids. I mean there the world to them. Now so parents maybe not seem that way. But wait till someone is holding a gun to there head, and you'll see how fast they'll move. Its a nartal thing, even we do it to. We do that with friends and family. If someone is in trouble you'll help them, and it also makes you feel good to.

I understand that FoW, I was just happy that it made the news, just because it's explainable doesn't not make it a miracle. I know pretty much 99% of all parents would risk their lives for their children, but we rarely hear about it on the news. I was happy that we were hearing about it and praising God that things like that happen.



Father Of Wisdom said...

Hey. Well you dont have a new blog so ill just post on this one. Its always good to hear and see the good things. Well make a new blog so i can post and ill make a new one 2.


zhen said...

New post, check it out bud.