Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random thought inspired by Father of Wisdom

Looking up love in the dictionary rarely does any good for anything but looking up names meaning love helps a little. I did just that and there are a surprising number of stories in Greek mythology that tell of one "person" being in love with another, yet their love is not returned. They usually waste away in their love until only a small part of them remains, like their voice in the case of Echo (a nymph with a speech impediment, thanks to Hera she could only echo what other people said) who fell in love with Narcissus who did not love her back. She pined and pined until nothing remained of her except her voice.
And in the case of Klytie (an ocean nymph) who fell in love with Helios (the sun god) who did not love her back, she pined and pined until she turned into a heliotrope flower whose head follows the sun.
Unrequited love can make people do some pretty stupid things. On a more contemporary note, refer to My Best Friend's Wedding, Juli does absolutely every thing she can to win the love of Michael back but she never does. She drives herself (and a few other people) crazy, breaks a few laws and hurts a lot of people and she still doesn't succeed, Michael marries Kim and they move on.
The drastic measures people go to to get someone to love them are rarely rewarded. And if they are, its in hollywood or it wasn't because of the drastic measures they took. They were already loved or something else happened.
*sighs* I'm in a very deep thinking point in my life so expect more of this... *smiles*


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