Thursday, November 09, 2006

Julius Caesar

It's a fairly good play. I'm only on... Act II Scenes 3 & 4 but its interesting. We've just found out that Artemidorus knows of the conspiracy and is trying to warn Caesar. Whether it will work or not is still up for grabs. Nothing that makes me really think yet but I have a feeling it will come soon. *sighs* I only held out until 9:30 before I checked until my email, but its a start because normally I check it first thing. At any rate, I have to write an essay for Monday too, but I have the craft weekend I must attend (third annual you know) so it'll have to be completed either today or Monday.

I was talking with someone this morning who was sorry that the britney/kevin escapade didn't work out. If you know who I am talking about then grieve for it is distressing that we can remember the names of people we have never met yet we cannot remember
the names of people we see every week... At any rate, she said she was sorry, I said I didn't expect it to last anyway and it's about time! Things like marriage and death and childbirth were not meant to be broadcasted to all everywhere to be gossiped and quarreled about. She said "They're celebrities, it's not like they can help it." to which I say yeeeees they can.
How do you think there are VERY few photos circulating of Angelina Jolie's baby? She didn't let the public eye into her personal life, she didn't broadcast it but made it a private affair to be cherished my her and those closest to her. Not gossiped and cackled about by others.
Anyway, just my opinion, leave a comment!


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